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“Nyiri Sky” was composed as part of a consortium conceived and led by Leanne Hanson. This piece features solo tenor and bass trombone with trombone sextet or optional piano accompaniment. Inspired by the Nyiri Desert that exists in the southern part of Kenya, the work aims to depict scenes of a rising and setting sun over a vast expanse, diverse wildlife galloping atop the burning sand, the struggle to survive the extreme elements, and the stunning, untouched canvas of the arid landscape. It is my hope that players and listeners alike can hear the musical lines dancing as they experience the deep connection with the natural beauty of the “Nyiri Sky.”


*This piece is also available for Euphonium and Tuba ensemble. It can be purchased as the Solos with Sextet, Solos with Piano Reduction, or Solos with Sextet and Piano Reduction option. *

Nyiri Sky for Solo Tenor and Bass Trombone (Alt. Instrumentations Available)

PriceFrom $25.00
  • Currently available only in PDF format.

    *Products are only sold in countries that adhere to U.S. Copyright Law.*

    *No Purchase Orders will be accepted.*

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